Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have you ever reached the point in a project where you looked back and thought "man, if I had to start over, knowing how much would be going into this, there's no way I could do it"? This is typically followed by the thought, "Holy crap, I should really back this up somewhere."

Well, happily, I've backed up all of the files for The Glow. This now contains all kinds of crazy code. I had made myself a to-do list and, par for the course, the aspects I thought would be tough as hell took about 5 minutes, and the parts that should have been simple took an entire day.

One big change was spurred by a thought that had been annoying me. People like to collect stuff. I like to collect stuff! And here, I have all this space and cool areas to explore, but there's nothing to collect!

So, I switched things up a bit, allowing the system to drop "glow" all over the place. Its now exciting to swipe through the bushes to see what they hold. Or to beat down an enemy to unlock his loot.

Speaking of enemies! They're actually clever now. They spawn, hide, and chase you! I think its a good sign that I spend a fair amount of time just playing around in this level, under the guise of "testing".

Look for Starfall: Ronin. Coming soon to the App Store!
We're now rounding the corner of a "feature complete" version of our upcoming iOS game, Starfall: Ronin. Then its on to a week of testing, tweaking and bug fixes before submitting it to the App Store. THAT will be a thrilling day for me, as it will hopefully herald the era in which I actually make a living creating video games!

Yes. That's right. I've been running this company for 3 years now and I have not made one red cent off of any game. We've had contract work, side jobs and a ponzi-scheming investor, but nothing from games. This is not the dream I had as a child. I absolutely cannot wait to be through this ridiculously long nightmare. I want to start living my life!!!

Thanks for joining me on the ride ;)

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