Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have accomplished exactly nothing today. I was up all night wrestling with some code, then had to meet with a client in the morning. Apparently, the purpose of this meeting was to setup a time for a meeting. Then, after a bit of running around, I promptly passed out on the couch.

Upon waking, it would seem that our car has turned against us. At some point, something shorted out and our car concluded that it was being stolen. In an act of self-preservation, it activated the security system, disengaging the fuel pump.

Somewhere in the middle there, I was also talking with my artist friend. He has been struck with a surge of inspiration, so he sent me a handful of new models and textures for the environments in the game. This was a nice touch to the day; seeing the world come together.

This general lack of productivity will be cutting this post a bit short tonight, as I need to get something done. One of my fine programmer friends is back home, so I'll hopefully be getting him up to speed with the code. If he can handle the heavy lifting in the programming side of things, it will free up my time for the arduous task of designing all the various levels.

With that, its back to work! Hopefully I'll have a bit more to report tomorrow.

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