Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's the Little Things

I have a real question for all you programmers out there. Have you ever made a "perfectly understandable mistake"? Because I haven't. The only mistakes I ever make when programming are in the "Are you f#@king retarded!?" category.

I'll forget to increment a variable in a loop, or mistakenly attach a script to the wrong object, etc. It's never anything like, "oh hey, I miscalculated the remainder in that equation".

Anyway. It took an hour of "change, test, repeat", then another hour of screen sharing with a friend before I finally tracked down the problem. <Commence Facepalm>

Now, at long last, I'm finally building level 1. Considering the size and scope of each level, I'm granting myself about ten days to build, test and adjust each. Then, considering the size and scope of the game, this means it will take me about a year to build everything. This is, of course, excluding time spent programming (specific events per level, enemy and boss AI, etc.).

All of this tells me that I'm going to need two people (beyond myself) to create this game. I've obviously been utilizing my artist buddy, Brady. I'd also like to get a programmer to help out; preferably someone more skilled at this than myself. This will leave me to focus on storyline events and level design.

Don't worry, I'm not forgetting about the other aspects of the game. Specifically, characters, animation, sound and music. My hope is that I can outsource these aspects, as they shouldn't require quite the same time commitment. I've already got a friend who is crazy good at music. He's provided the music for some of our other titles and, I'm sure (assuming I can drum up some funds) he'd be more than happy to be a part of this.

Well, if I'm going to stay on some kind of schedule, I should get back to work. As I said, I should hopefully have something playable in about a week. We'll see how the coming days go.

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