Monday, August 13, 2012

Round & Round

Level placement is finally done! Although, to fill out the game, I ended up having to include 4 extra levels that I wasn't planning on. Now I have to dream up a handful of new environments for Quig to explore. Not a problem really, that's the part I enjoy the most!

Weeeee! Wee, Wee, Weeeee!
Par for the course, once I had all the levels in place, unlocking them in a test revealed about a hundred new problems. In my noble attempts to solve these problems, I ended up creating several endless loops. Those are always fun, since the involve killing the entire program, restarting and trying to discover what went wrong (without any useful Debug messages, since they were killed along with the program).

Regardless, I was victorious! Not only are the levels in place, but they also unlock like they're supposed to.

I also received some great feedback today! At last! I was hoping to get a character animator to help on the game, but he eventually told me that he wasn't interested. When I asked why, he explained that he tested the prototype and didn't see much gameplay.

Why, you ask? Because in order to leave the first room, you need to destroy a rock that is blocking your path. Now, Quig does, in fact, attack with his tail when you click the mouse button. However, you would never know this because he's currently a little purple cube with no animation. So the animator never left the first room...

Ironic, I need animation to show people how to play the game. I need people to play the game in order to get an animator. Even in real life, I have endless loops!!

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