Thursday, August 23, 2012

Checking In!

Ok, I know its been a few days since my last post. Fear not; I'm still here.

They say things are darkest before the dawn? Well things got pretty dark for a moment there. Now, it would seem, we are on a long awaited upswing.

I've been working with one of our fine programmers, putting the finishing touches on our upcoming iOS game, Starfall: Ronin. I gotta say, the game has grown to be a whole lot of fun to play, even with all the bugs we've been encountering (and squashing).

The troubles with the business side of things are (hopefully) in the past. We have a shiny new website; though it's still in the process of propogating, and I'm still in the process of a very healthy redesign.

These growing pains of a newborn website are a pain. One moment they're working just fine, then the next, nothing is working at all. It keeps things somewhat unreliable and has me constantly going back to check the page like a highschool kid hovering around the phone. I go the site... nothing... maybe... F5!... still nothing.

Well, we've been approved as Apple developers, which is a big step for us. Starfall: Ronin will also be our first EVAR commercial game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have vague memories of what having money felt like. It was nice, as I recall.

We also have a couple other, very casual games in the works. Now, when I say "casual" I mean "develop them in a few weeks and sell them for $0.99-casual".

I've found that I have a knack for designing casual games. While, at my core, I'm a deep, strategy and story designer, if I simply skim an idea across my brain, it turns out to be kinda fun. It goes something like this:

"I need an idea for a casual game... easy now... aaaand think! 'Robots jump and shoot! Sometimes fly!' Now run away and think about something else! Oh man... did I go too far with having them fly?'"

The level of restraint required is unbelievable, but the end result turn out to be very cool.

Well, I have been putting work into The Glow, though I think Quig is beginning to feel like the middle-child. Once we get these games on the market, and I'm not spending every waking minute wondering how I'm going to feed my family, then my favorite, glow-in-the-dark hero will be getting my full attention.

Stay tuned!... and buy an iPhone!

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