Monday, August 6, 2012

Coffee Break!

That's right, I'm posting in the early evening, rather than the wee hours of the night. Why? Because I'm trying to completely rebuild the code for "jumping" and its pissing me off!!

I realize that there were some grand, significant events in the world (so to speak) yesterday, and I didn't acknowledge them at all. Its not that I don't care about the Mars Curiosity Rover, or the fact that some massive meteor shower is bombarding the earth. All of these things fascinate the hell out of me, I was just really damn tired.

Speaking of the meteor shower, I preemptively saw a shooting star last night. You better believe I wished the hell outta that star. Strangely though, I woke up this morning, still dirt poor. No lottery winnings, no mysterious benefactor. Just an allergy-induced sneezing fit to wake me and a microwaved cup of day old coffee to jar me into reality.

Then it was a couple hours of checking and updating emails, Twitter and forum posts. Exciting, I know. I did hear back from Julie Uhrman, the founder of the upcoming Ouya console. It was a brief email, basically stating, "I don't know."

Her brief response is understandable, considering her Twitter post later stated "I did it! I answered every developer email!" Apparently her morning of checking emails is far more exciting than my own. Of course, her shooting star also brought her 6+ million dollars this morning (or whatever its up to now)... I imagine that puts some extra pep in the coffee mug.

*Super Friends narrator voice* Meanwhile! Back in the ghetto of Stevens Point, WI!!

You didn't know central Wisconsin had a ghetto, did ya? Well it does. I've lived here less than a year and the police have shown up 3 times to serve papers to the previous tenants. I also get to listen to a whole lot of "Yo baby momma be sleepin wit my cousin!" disputes every night. Why is it always the cousin?

I envy Quig. You know how this brilliant, purple wonder travels? He smacks a rock with his glowing tail and charges it up into a meteor, which fires off into space, with our cuddly hero riding it like a California surfer; on to the next world.

I'm sitting here, tuning out domestic disputes and wishing on stars; this little bastard is riding them. I'm sure there's some crazy, subliminal stuff happening in my brain that would pay a therapist for the better half of a decade, but I try not to think about those kinds of things.

...alright, I think I've vented enough. I should get back to work.

I'll keep talking, even when you stop listening.

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